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An adjuvant to your cancer treatment.

  • 30 minutes
  • From 59,999 Indian rupees
  • Pushpaknode

Service Description

This is a Annual Adjuvant Program runs along with your cancer treatment. You can continue treatment from your existing doctor / medical practitioner. Includes: Doctor 6 variation doctor appointment annually through video conferencing or personally if possible to visit in clinic in person. Tailored annual Ayurvedic medicine as per your progress. The program is priced in four different segments select one according to your choice: 1. Sadha (Economic) 2. Roupya (Silver) 3. Swarna (Gold) 4. Hirak (Diamond) Cancellation policy: Cancellation at any point of time whether liked or not or incase of death of patient or whatsoever reason may be, will incur minimum 40% cancellation charges for program variant Sadha and Roupya and 60% in for program variant Swarna and Hirak + actual cost of treatment provided till that date. *Valid for Bharat, Nepal, Srilanka, Bangladesh. Other countries validating Ayurveda will have varied pricing. If you are interested then write us at , we will get back to you.

Contact Details

  • Vasulata Clinic, Sector R3, Pushpaknode, Vadghar, Panvel, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, India


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