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Partner with us..

We have several exciting programs that are currently running with us. You can choose the one that suits your interests and skills the best. We would love to have you on board and work with you!



If you’re a medical professional with a practice in your local area and are interested in collaborating with us while maintaining your current work, we’re eager to welcome you aboard. Discover more about our program and how you can contribute by clicking here. We look forward to partnering with you!


Are you a certified genetic counselor with expertise and experience in the field? If so, we have an opportunity for you to join our team and make a difference. To find out more, please click here and explore our program.

Lab Experiments


If you’re a lab scientist, a pharma expert, a clinical drug specialist, or a trained technician or pharmacist, we have a spot for you on our team. You can join us and help us advance the field of health care with your skills and knowledge. Click here and see how you can be a part of our program.


Are you a nurse, a paramedic, a physiotherapist, or an occupational therapist with a niche qualification and a desire to join us? If so, we would love to hear from you and learn more about your skills and experience. Please click here and introduce yourself to us.

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