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Vasulata Healthcare welcomes you!

Thank you for visiting this page. It shows your interest in knowing more about us. It not only gives us pleasure but we are proud to share with you what your beloved brand is all about..

About us

At Vasulata Healthcare we are comprised of the following components.

We provide healthcare services in different formats Clinical Services, Diagnostics Services, and Online Healthcare comdities and services selling.

We provide our AyurOmics Services in both physical as well as tele format.

We also engage ourselves in the traditional healthcare service catering at one of our clinics located in the Pushpaknode area of Panvel City.

We provide Genetic Counseling Services both online and offline mode.

We are also an online aggregator platform for all genetic diagnostics and other advanced molecular diagnostics services. You can find the full spectrum of services provided by the leading companies and the rarest of the rarest test that has been made available to mankind in our online store.

We intend our self to cater our services to a maximum extent by collaborating with all potential and genuine collaborators. 

If you are a Doctor, Counselor, or Diagnostic Lab and want to collaborate please fill up this form. We would to be in your touch.

If you are a Service Seeker, we give you our best regards. Please feel free to access the website and we are sure you will be enlightened about the things that you were not knowing before coming to us.

No body is complete and absolutely perfect in this world. Please help us by suggesting what more we can bring into your service, please email us at

Thank you for choosing Vasulata Healthcare!

Stay Happy, Stay Healthy!

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